Electronic House

Manchester in the 1980s was an agitative abode to live. ‘Dodging rain and bullets’ as Chris and Anthony Donnelly put it. A anarchy was demography abode in the city’s nightclubs and the brothers were in its midst. Their world, as able-bodied as ours, would accept been a actual altered abode after it.

Gio Goi was built-in out of the Donnelly’s adulation of cyberbanking abode music. Today they anamnesis getting in New Order front-man Bernard Sumner’s place, audition the beating boom beats and blaring alarm synths for the aboriginal time. They were absorbed instantly, and as they and added advocates championed the music to their friends, club nights committed to it sprang up beyond the city, including at the fabulous Hacienda club run by Manchester legend, Tony Wilson.

House music is in Gio Goi’s blood. The vibrant, affiliated rhythms, a admixture of atramentous and white American influences, originated in Chicago and migrated to New York area visiting British DJs such as Mike Pickering heard them in clubs like The Paradise Garage. Acting as cultural scouts, these DJs brought attenuate white characterization annal aback to England and spun them for an beholden audience, sowing the seeds of what was to become accepted as ‘The Second Summer of Love’.

Anthony and Chris fabricated accouterment that akin the abode music vibe – zip-up tracksuit acme and t-shirts paying admiration to the glow-stick ambient of the clubs. Anon they started affairs these clothes to accompany and ancestors at The Hacienda, creating a association spirit that animated the cast to the cachet of identity.

House music enjoyed its beatific heyday in the aboriginal nineties afore authoritative allowance for a new beachcomber of musicians; blockage accurate to its roots, Gio Goi recognised something appropriate in these new contenders. Anon they were rolling with the cast of The Happy Mondays and Oasis, and abrading amateur with the glamorously abandoned Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse. While all this was traveling on, abode music connected to abound in the warehouses and clubs, exploring beginning techniques and rhythms to kept humans dancing able-bodied into the night.

Now a new bearing of DJs and ball music stars has been unleashed assimilate a beholden public, including Deadmau5 – something of a figurehead for the ball revival. He and Gio Goi accept formed carefully to accumulate their corresponding art forms at the beginning of addition over the accomplished few years; Deadmau5 has even modelled new ranges for the brand.

Speaking of which, the accepted ambit consolidates on Gio Goi’s accomplished glories but brings it up to date with a active colour palette and silhouettes advised to reflect the metropolitan, multi-cultural ambience we acquisition ourselves in. Matte colours and accustomed fabrics affirm the bold, ‘in-your-face’ prints; active shades of orange, sigma dejected and absolute red jostle for pride of abode on knits polos and the all-over Gio Goi t-shirts. The cuts are aswell slimmer than before, absolute the ambulatory access of bedrock and cycle on the brand.

Gio Goi is one of a rare-breed: a characterization that stays affectionate to its roots but is able to acclimate to new influences and environments, befitting the music arena dressed in the latest styles. Like the coveted white labels that the aboriginal abode DJs brought aback from America, Gio Goi’s new ambit of accouterment is afresh apprenticed and anon to accomplish a big appulse on the underground scene.